Wetsuit warranty

  • From the date of purchase, SUMARPO offers a two-year manufacturing and material warranty for all wetsuits. (proof of purchase is indispensable)
  • The repaired or warranted products through the retail place of purchase or www.eu.sumarpo.com customer service can directly exchange. Product warranties are valid for the original owner; if purchased used or second-hand and through any unauthorized dealer, classified ads of any type, and online auction sites, the product warranties are void.

What is not covered by the warranty

  • Our warranty will be void when products have been exposed to direct sunshine, extreme heat, chlorine, and other harsh or abrasive substances that can accelerate product degradation.
  • Because SUMARPO wetsuits use high-performance technology, nails or other sharp objects may tear the neoprene in your products.
  • Obvious abuse such as rips and split seams, evident traces of the lack of care is not within SUMARPO repair and replacement scope.
  • Clothes are discolored and stained due to contacting sunscreen (usually P20 or similar products); we recommend using great wash powder for cleaning.
  • When your suits expose to pools or other chemicals, ultraviolet rays or saltwater, fabrics, threads, neoprene, foam, plastic, rubber, materials, or components, they will degrade or delaminate.
  • Specifically, if you modify the wetsuit or other product bought from SUMARPO outside of our shop, it will adversely affect the integrity or performance of the product and cause it to work improperly, then it should be noted that our warranty will not cover this, we cover left part unaffected by your modification.
  • Improper storage or handling.
  • Zipper-tooth breakage or zipper detachment will not be covered.