I. History

SUMARPO was born to be the best to help others perform their best. Born in the United Kingdom in 2008, coming from a design studio background, our founding team worked to craft the gear triathlon professionals need to succeed, provide the most professional services for them. After twelve years of design and testing experience, we understand the needs of triathletes better, more professionally, and more valuably.

II. Target

From junior triathletes who needed to cut seconds off their swim times. To professional triathletes who can stimulate stronger human functions and obtain rapid recovery through physical compression, endurance training But it is not limited to these, SUMARPO is a paragon that promotes the combination of physical modulus and ergonomics. That’s why we go beyond limits. SUMARPO is the realization of ergonomic excellence used to push peak performance. We’ve been a part of their journey. That meant wetsuits and tri suits with more buoyancy and less drag, more speed and less resistance, more craft, and less waste. We heard from them, we refined their designs, and they kept getting back out there. As they improved, so did we. And not only did the professional triathletes come calling, but the triathletes using SUMARPO became professionals. With that, our product line expanded, and we began integrating endurance sportswear to help triathletes in all levels improve their performance. With the more finish lines our triathletes crossed, the more opportunities opened up for us. With that, we moved to the US after being bought by LOS VACATION in 2018, based in 14310 Ramona Avenue, Chino California 91710, United States. SUMARPO moved to Southern California in 2019. Today,we may have switched the side of the road we bike on but we are as committed as ever to crafting wetsuits that professional triathletes can trust. We are still committed to bringing you professional, ergonomic design with a talented design team, a rigorous ergonomics testing team and the best manufacturing team. And we’re still grounded by the mission that got us here. Committed improvement and constant growth deliver performance.

III.Product Features + Innovation

SUMARPO has been researching and developing eco-friendly wetsuits materials since the studio was founded in 2008. The fabric of the wetsuits is already recyclable and biodegradable, but the technology of the eco-glue has never been broken through. After 13 years of research and development, the eco-glue was finally released. SUMARPO applied it to the latest model of the wetsuits and named its victory. It is a victory for the athletes in the triathlon competition and a small step for humanity in the cause of environmental protection. SUMARPO will continue to be committed to the cause of environmental protection and make efforts for the progress of society and the environment.