Privacy statement

  • SUMARPO and its related company legal persons are committed to protecting your personal information and respect your privacy. Our privacy policy outlines our privacy protection methods and how we collect, use and protect your personal information. It also stipulates your right to access the personal information we collect and retain about you.
  • As defined in the regulation, personal information is information or an opinion about identifiable or reasonably identifiable individuals. Examples include an individual's name, contact number, address, and email address.
  • Our website ( is not responsible for any third-party website privacy policy but may contain links to third-party websites. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of every website you visit.

    Collected information type

    • Name.
    • Email address.
    • Login information.
    • Address.
    • Phone number.
    • Email subscription Status.
    • Order details(credit card informations are not included).
    • Order history.
    • Shipping details.
    • Cookie settings (“remember me”).
    • Other personal information that we collect in the course of a transaction or that you provide to us when you contact us.

     Personal information purpose

    • To send updates regarding the status of your order or inquiry.
    • We believe that you will be interested in sending newsletters and details of offers and promotions.
    • To improve the SUMARPO website design and content.
    • To learn about our registered users buying behaviour.
    • To conduct other regular marketing and promotional activities for our products and services.
    • To cooperate with social media providers, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, on these social media, we can interact efficiently.
    • We give you the best experience on our website through cookies,which allow us and third parties to customize the ads you see on our website. Please see our full cookies policy if you want more information.
    • To improve our website, and to improve the quality of your experience when interacting with the site.
    • Session cookies is used to track IP addresses for analyzing our web traffic.
    • Personal information you provide to us is used to respond to requests that you make or provide you SUMARPO wetsuits services.
    • The common information is shared with advertisers and other interested , reputable parties whom we have established a formal business relationship, but the identification of individual clients is not disclosed to advertisers.SUMARPO may from time to time share your details with third party analytical resources for better understanding customer behavior and performance, website performance, improving ad relevance, and any other analytical process, it gives SUMARPO a better understanding of how to develop products for its customers.


    • We protect the information collected online from unauthorized access through designing our website.
    • We protect your privacy by taking the necessary physical, electronic and managerial procedure to preserve your private information.
    • We grant access to your personal data or make data changes after taking reasonable steps to verify your identity for safeguarding your safety further.
    • We devote ourselves to protect your privacy and take security measures to prevent access and disclosure of your personal information.

    Unsubscribe method/complaints

    • You can unsubscribe through the "Unsubscribe" link provided in the footer of each SUMARPO Wetsuits email.
    • Send an email to, SUMARPO will inquire about your complaint and reply to you in writing within 30 days.


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    • What is the conception of a cookie? A "Cookie" is a small text file put in your browsing software to facilitate your access to our website.
    • There are different types of cookies on the website.
    • Our website will be run in the best manner with the required technical cookies, you can use your browser's parameters to reject and delete the following cookies, but this is bound to affect your user experience.These technical cookies include:
    1. Session cookies allow the ordinary browser session and the Website(for example, authentication is allowed in the personal user area).The cookies are only set temporarily: it will be removed when you close your browser.
    2. Functional cookies allow users to browse the site based on a set of selected criteria, such as products selected for purchase, to optimize the service provided.
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      Management of cookies

      • When you visit our website for the first time, there will be a notification banner notifying you of the use of cookies on the site and inviting you to accept such cookies.Cookies will not be deposited until you continue to browse other web pages of the website or select elements of the website (i.e. images, links, logos, search buttons, etc.) or accept them, which will default to your acceptance of the use of cookies.
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      • All cookies are due within two years, except the strictly necessary cookies required to operate our website.
      • We will communicate to you any changes to this Privacy Policy through all necessary measures and publish all up-to-date Privacy Policy on this page.