Spend Smart And Earn Rewards

Spend Smart And Earn Rewards

How to win Sumarpoints?

  1. Win 500 Sumarpoints by just registering!
  2. Win equal Sumarpoints to any purchase on eu.sumarpo.com. You will be credited one Sumarpoint for every EUR spent on any purchase on eu.sumarpo.com. For example, you will receive 779 Sumarpoints if you order a Sumarpo priced at €779EUR.
  3. Win 200 Sumarpoints by only leaving your literal reviews on eu.sumarpo.com, and 500 Sumarpoints by leaving your pictures and reviews on eu.sumarpo.com.
  4. Win 300 Sumarpoints by following Sumarpo FB Page.
  5. Win 300 Sumarpoints by following Sumarpo YouTube Page.
  6. Win 300 Sumarpoints by following Sumarpo Instagram Page.
  7. Win 2000 Sumarpoints on your birthday.
  8. Win 300 Sumarpoints by inviting your family members and friends who are interested in Triathlon or Swimrun to our Sumarpo community, once your friends join the group successfully, screenshot to email eu.support@sumarpo.com
  9. Win 200 Sumarpoints by posting Sumarpo wetsuit photos in other wetsuit groups, add the website https://eu.sumarpo.com, use hashtag #sumarpowetsuits, and screenshot the posts or comments to eu.support@sumarpo.com. Four different posts are limited per day.
  10. Win 200 Sumarpoints by sharing posts from Sumarpo in other wetsuit groups.
  11. Win 1500 Sumarpoints by making a 10-min customer feedback video, at least 720p, no blur, upload it to youtube then send eu.support@sumarpo.com the link.
  12. When your friends purchase any Sumarpo products from your share link. You can get the same Sumarpoints as your friends' purchase price on eu.sumarpo.com.

How to use Sumarpoints?

  1. 100 Sumarpoints equal €1 EUR.
  2. You can redeem your Sumarpoints to get a discount, which would save up to 3% of the cost of the entire order.

Remarks: If your Sumarpoints are not enough to get the biggest discount(3%), they could be redeemed according to the first clause(100 Sumarpoints = €1 EUR).

Login to your account before checking out. The system will apply the points to get a discount for you automatically.

Crafted with high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics, Sumarpo men's trisuits offer excellent breathability and quick-drying properties to keep you cool and dry throughout your race. The sleek and streamlined design reduces drag in the water and enhances aerodynamics on the bike, allowing you to move with maximum efficiency.