Best Value Wetsuit - Sumarpo Wetsuits

Best Value Wetsuit - Sumarpo Wetsuits

Throughout my triathlon journey, I have tried some very expensive wetsuits that cost in the range of 1,000 to 1,500. Recently, I sampled the women’s Vanguard 5.0mm Yamamoto SCS Wetsuit made by SUMARPO. The cost of the highest-end wetsuit was just under 400. When I was approached by the company, I was intrigued to give it a try.


Vanguard 5.0mm Yamamo to SCS Wetsuit


Here are the features of the wetsuit:

  • 100% limestone neoprene
  • Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene with honeycomb-shaped air cells in the chest and 5mm Yamamoto SCS 39 on the front legs, has a buoyancy ratio to optimize body position and improve hydrodynamics in the water
  • The shoulders and arms have super stretch liner to allow you to move more freely
  • There are grooved panels on the forearms. This improves your grip in the water, offering you an unparalleled experience in pulling the water and increases the efficiency of your arm strokes
  • It has a double-layer Yamamoto SCS 40 low collar design that further enhances comfort
  • It minimizes skin friction and ensures that hardly any water enter your wetsuit
  • Easy to take off


About the company

SUMARPO was first developed in the United Kingdom in 2008. The team had a strong design studio background to craft the gear triathlon professionals need to succeed. After twelve years of design and testing experience, they developed suits for every type of triathlete. Los Vacation purchased the company in 2018 and SUMARPO moved to Southern California in 2019.


Taking it for a test drive

The SUMARPO wetsuit was incredibly comfortable. I thought I would have issues with the neck, it felt tight. But once I got into the water, I didn’t feel it.

In the water, I really felt the buoyancy. I could feel myself glide. As for rotation, I found it was spot on wearing this suit.

The grooved panels on the arms almost felt like paddles. They definitely gave me more of a pull.

Although there are much prettier wetsuits on the market, the SUMARPO is built for performance. And, it definitely performs!

As for taking it off, I laughed at how easy my legs slid right out. I was thinking that this would work well for a triathlon where I needed a long sleeve wetsuit and I plan on wearing it to the Mighty Montauk Triathlon this weekend.

I was very impressed with this suit and I look forward to continuing to wear it as the weather starts to turn.


What I learned here:

You don’t have to buy an expensive suit to get performance. Sometimes off brands have better performance than popular brands. If you are looking for a durable, inexpensive wetsuit that performs beyond your expectations, check out SUMARPO. They have a variety of wetsuits with variations in buoyancy and warmth.

Go to to learn more or to purchase a product.

This one gets a 5-star rating in my book! The more I wear it the more I love this suit!


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