I. Where it all started

The Sumarpo brand emerged from a small UK design studio back in 2008. Behind its birth were founders convinced they could develop the streamlined swimwear essential to satisfy professional triathletes' most challenging competitive needs. It spurred a team armed with the intelligence and resources to construct, test, and test again every wetsuit detail to boost performance beyond expectations while maximizing comfort.

II. Where we are today

The experience and consistent effort over more than a decade have delivered ongoing innovation in every aspect of open water and athletic triathlon. Building the ultimate wetsuit is a multi-dimensional strategy, taking things like back support, arm and leg flexibility, fit collars, and bodily warmth in the coldest conditions into account. It goes even further, ensuring that getting in and out of the wetsuit is hassle-free and feels like a second skin when swimming.

It's a never-ending process of observing, analyzing, leveraging technologies, fine-tuning, and introducing refinements to keep our customers cutting into their personal bests. It takes team commitment and motivation to go the extra mile, leaving no stone unturned in finding that extra edge.

Our product line has expanded since our mother company Los Vacation bought us in 2018 and relocated Sumarpo offices to Southern California a year later. Indeed, the Sumarpo team members today, with vast experience under their belts, have a unified vision and mission to keep the groundbreaking improvements rolling forward.

III. Product Features + Innovation

Almost at the same time as our move to the US, we connected to the green movement. The latter urges every industry on Earth to focus on looking after nature. We accepted the challenge with both hands and without reservation in the belief that progressive Companies should take the lead in promoting environmental protection and reflecting social responsibility.

For example, Sumarpo wetsuits use benzene-free and carcinogen-free materials for maximum eco-friendliness. Thus, we keep our customers safe from environmental health threats while wearing Sumarpo gear. In addition, when it comes to discarding the suit years down the line after enjoying its many significant benefits, its recyclability will prevent seabed or landfill contamination.

As members of the "1% for the Planet" organization of companies contributing significant sales revenues to nature conservation, the Sumarpo culture embraces the notion of superior athletic performance while helping to preserve nature's gifts to humanity.